Domestic Partnership Planning


Many of the protections offered to heterosexual couples by the Texas family, probate, and trust codes do not fully apply to same-sex couples. Nevertheless, gays and lesbians have the opportunity to fashion a comprehensive legal framework for their relationship that protects themselves and those they love.


Same-sex couples can "legalize" their partnership in much the same way that business partners contract with one another. Furthermore, gays and lesbians can avoid the rules of heirship in the Texas Probate Code that favor marriage and blood lines, and create a valid will that leaves their property to whomever they wish. Trusts, beneficiary designations and survivorship agreements provide additional means to avoid unintended results. Financial and medical directives, properly drafted and executed, can insure that vital decisions are made on your behalf by people you trust the most.


Susan has been on the front lines of gay rights since the 1970s and has an excellent understanding of the legal challenges that gays, lesbians, and same-sex couples face. She will assist you to create a plan that protects your interests now, should you and your partner voluntarily terminate your relationship. She can also help you with estate planning that will greatly minimize the likelihood that persons other than those you choose will make your medical and financial decisions, or inherit your property.