Housing & Care


Increased longevity, limited resources, and eventually, declining health, compel many of us to move from the homes where we raised our children or spent our primary earning years into smaller or more specialized housing. Fortunately, housing and care choices are increasing, tailored more and more to the demands and needs of a quickly growing senior population.


If you or a loved one needs help assessing your options, Susan can provide valuable assistance.   


Susan works closely with professional care managers familiar with the local scene who can help you understand the sort of care that is needed, and where best to obtain it. Together they will quickly focus your choices, saving you time and uncertainty. Susan can then review contracts and advise you about your rights.


If you are moving in with a family member, Susan can draft a care contract that enables you to contribute toward your needs without jeopardizing your eligibility for government benefits.


If you are caring for an ill spouse, Susan can help you preserve family assets so they are available for your future needs.


If you and a group of friends or relatives are exploring affinity housing, Susan can advise you, and draft guidelines and contracts that formalize your relationship.