Estate Administration


Being the representative of an estate is serious business. You must collect the assets of the person who died, sell property, liquidate investments, file final income tax returns, pay any outstanding debts and taxes, and distribute the estate to the heirs according to instructions in the will.


Susan can answer your questions and coach you through the process. As your legal representative, she can help you comply with the law by notifying beneficiaries, informing creditors of your appointment, and preparing and filing the estate inventory with the court. In the infrequent event that the beneficiaries demand an accounting of your actions as estate representative, Susan can represent and advise you.


Trust Administration


Unlike the job of executor of an estate, the duties of a trustee may continue for many years. You will need to keep track of income, maintain accurate records, file annual tax returns, and make distributions to the trust beneficiaries. The trust may also require you to report annually to the beneficiaries, or they can ask for an accounting. Susan can help you understand your duties.  She can assist you in setting up your procedures, records, and reporting protocol. And if questions arise concerning your discretion under the trust to make decisions, Susan can provide her legal opinion and counsel.